Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturers



Our factory is based in Lunan High Tech Industrial Park,an area which covers 150,000 square meters of industrial land located in one of the very few environmental protection and safety regulations compliant High-Tech Industrial parks in Tengzhou city. Green Technologies has an annual production capacity of 50,000 metric tons of HEDP; 30,000 metric tons of PBTCA; 20,000 metric tons of ATMP; 10,000 metric tons of DTPMPA; 10,000 metric tons of other phosphonates and salts of phosphonates; 10,000 metric tons of eco-friendly polymers and polycarboxylic polymers; 10000 metric tons of biocides and algicides, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers and reverse osmosis anti-scalanats and dispersants. We also produce 100,000 metric tons of formaldehyde and 200,000 metric tons of PAC.

Our manufacturing plant uses fully automatic control equipment such as DCS/PLC and SIS systems minimizing human error and maximizing efficiency, quality control, and precise formulation of our chemicals. Various monitoring and emergency facilities are in place to provide a guarantee for long term, sustainable development.