Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturers



Green Technologies strives to create a balance between people, planet and profit. A strong commitment to sustainability has always been the core of our company values. We take a long term approach to all elements of sustainability, aiming not just to comply with the existing standards but also exceed them. 

We find science-enabled, sustainable solutions for our customers, always managing our business to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources for today and for future generations.

We are one of the few enterprises in China with complete safety and environmental protection qualifications and strictly comply with sustainable production and supply chain regulations. Our manufacturing plant,innovative in its design and construction, provides reliable, sustainable and high quality supply of water treatment chemicals used across many industries.

Green Technologies is located in Lunan High Tech Industrial Zone which is one of the first Industrial Zones in Shandong province to complete necessary certifications enforced by the Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau of P.R.C.

Green Technologies has passed the environmental impact assessment, manufacturing safety conditions assessment, HAZOP analysis and SIL rating, safe facility design assessment, occupational health reviewas well as various other assessments and reviews.

Green Technologies Co Ltd. is committed to promoting energy conservation and elimination of waste through technological innovation. We are continuously improving energy efficiency, strengthening the supply chain and taking every step to reduce our carbon foot print.